45-RPM Adapter Embroidery SnapBack - BLACK

  • 45-RPM Adapter Embroidery SnapBack - BLACK - Chosen Tees

45-RPM Adapter Embroidery SnapBack - BLACK


In the beginning... ChOsenOJIS

Whether you're Old SkOoL or not, respect the OG vinyl flow. Show your love for music with this structured, high-profile, flat visor and a subtle grey under visor Snapback. 

Let them know you like it Old SkOoL. But only if you wear it.


• 85% acrylic/15% wool
• Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
• Plastic snap closure
• Grey under visor
• Head circumference: 22” - 24”


The Inside Scoop:

When most people think of 45-RPM records, they think of the small records often used for jukeboxes and singles. While it's true that many 45's released are singles, there are also 45-RPM LPs out there. 

These records play at a faster speed than the usual 33-RPMs of a standard LP, and because of this, are often doubles. While on a 33-RPM record, you can fit an entire album's worth of music, 45 RPM LPs can usually only fit about 12-15 minutes of music on each side--usually not enough space for an entire album.

So, what's the big idea? It seems like these 45-RPM records are more trouble than they're worth! According to audiophiles, the 45-RPM format sounds better because more musical data is fit into a smaller space than with 33-RPM records. This logic is also applied to digital music formats such as MP3s. 

A 256kbps MP3 is said to sound better than a 128kbps MP3 because more data is contained in the file. Just like a computer must read through more data in a 256kbps MP3 than with a 128kbps MP3, a turntable stylus must pick up on more nuances and details in the record groove in a 45-RPM record than in a 33-RPM record. (Via Vinyl ReVinyl)